Only 2% of Ghana’s class 2 children can read with comprehension
— USAID Ghana

Why Teach For Ghana?

For decades in Ghana, children’s economic background has determined their educational outcomes and, therefore, their prospects in life. Today, children from the poorest families do not achieve at the same rate as their wealthier peers.  We exist to change that narrative.

We know that great teaching has the power to break the link between wealth and educational success. Our challenge is to provide a transformational education that fundamentally alters a child’s academic prospects, not just in a single school but across all regions. We are building a movement of solution-driven leaders to expand educational opportunity to all children in Ghana.

We recruit and train Ghana's most promising leaders to teach for two years in underserved rural communities. Throughout the Fellowship, we provide intensive training, support and career development that will help  leaders increase their impact both in the classroom and beyond, leading to opportunities in a wide range of fields and connection to a global network of Fellowship alumni. Some of our Fellows will remain in the education sector after the fellowship  and many will go on to become influential figures in other private and public sectors. Fellows from across India, America, UK and Nepal have gone on to lead at Goldman Sachs, The World Bank, become CEOs, school principals and parliamentarians.

Whatever our Fellows go on to achieve beyond the two years, the opportunities and support they receive during the Fellowship will allow them to transform their classrooms and lead change in Ghana.



Fellows stand to gain the following:

  1. An opportunity to mold Ghana's future
  2. Extensive leadership training
  3. A full-time paid position
  4. Fulfillment of National Service requirement
  5. Job and internship opportunities during and post Fellowship
  6. Credit towards teacher certification
  7. Access to a Global Network of Teach For All partner Fellows and Alumni