We are working towards the day where all children in Ghana will complete Senior Secondary School (High School), with full access to university. Our children will strive for academic excellence, with the ability to think critically about the world around them. They will ask questions, challenge norms, and seek to understand and digest information. They will have control over their financial lives, determine their career choices, and develop a plan to execute their aspirations. They will approach life with a strong sense of possibility, passion, and zeal, with a willingness to address challenges and develop solution-based thinking. Our children will demonstrate a strong level of optimism about their life outcomes. They will have a strong support system of champions and the social and cultural capital to engage successfully and succeed in the current system but keenly aware of its flaws. They will develop the ethical mindsets that guide their everyday interactions and will value honesty and integrity. Our children will act as consciously driven citizens aware of the systems of injustice that exist and believe that a more equitable system is achievable in Ghana and abroad. 

By age 25, our children will demonstrate exceptional academic aptitude, a strong sense of self, and a love of learning. They will be able to make choices about their future according to their highest dreams and not according to the limitations imposed by inequality. With this in mind, they will be able to develop, transform their own lives fully - and the lives of those within their communities - and contribute to a just and less unequal Ghana.

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Daniel Dotse
Co-founder & CEO