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Alumni Support

As a Teach For Ghana Fellow you will lead the movement expanding educational opportunity for all children in Ghana. You will continue to receive support from Teach For Ghana including connections to Teach For Ghana supporters, assistance in achieving your future professional goals and links to over 35,000 Teach For All partner alumni.

Alumni Vision

Teach For Ghana has set an ambitious goal of ending educational inequity in 35 years. To achieve this end, we believe Ghana needs leaders who are invested in the educational future of all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background, in all sectors of society. Leaders who demonstrate exceptional critical thinking skills, an ethical compass that guides their daily interactions, and the capacity to think creatively about issues facing children living in underserved rural communities in Ghana.

Teach For Ghana will play a crucial role in developing leaders for change. Thus, to transform, and sustain systemic change, TFG will cultivate a network of individuals that demonstrate the knowledge, mindset, and resources to champion transformational change.

To ensure that one day, all children in Ghana have access to an excellent education, we will support our fellows and empower them to make the impact they desire to achieve post-service.  We work to secure the resources, technical knowledge, and mechanisms to support their high impact endeavors.